Shrink your

Uterine Fibroid

Using evidence based Natural Molecule Therapy

No Drugs. No Surgeries. No Side Effects.

Uterine fibroids occur due to an imbalance in estrogen, a female hormone. Optimizing the level of estrogen through nutrition and topical hormones can shrink most of the fibroids. Month after month you can see the reduction of the size of fibroids.

Can you shrink your fibroid?

Success Stories

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  • Expensive and invasive procedures.
  • Excess bleeding and its complications.
  • Other functional discomforts, including sexual ones.


  • Within weeks, start seeing reduction in symptoms
  • Within a month, start seeing size reduction
  • Within the year, get a complete remission

How does a Reverease Program look?

All our consultation services are offered by qualified doctors and medical professionals, through online or over the telephone.
360º intake
  • Multiple telephonic interviews
  • Detailed questionnaires
  • Comprehensive lab tests
Individualized treatment plan
  • Full-detail assessment
  • Holistic treatment plan
  • Diet and nutrition recommendation
Non-stop 24x7 support
  • Unlimited access to doctors and health coaches
  • Daily tracking of critical biomarkers
  • On-the-fly tweaking


Uterine fibroids consultation and coaching for just


*EMI available | Minimum 3 months' commitment needed | Price does not include investigations and nutrition.

  • 24x7 unlimited access
  • Dedicated health coaches
  • Qualified medical doctors
  • 360º comprehensive health assessment
  • Individualized holistic treatment plan
  • Access from your mobile phone

Can you shrink your fibroid?