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Stress Disorders

Using evidence based Natural Molecule Therapy

No Drugs. No Surgeries. No Side Effects.

Stress is good when it lasts for a short time, like minutes or hours. Stress is bad when it prolongs for a long time, like years or decades. Stress is good when we feel we are on top of the situation. Stress is bad when we feel that we are not in control of the situation. Many maladies of modern life are wrongly attributed to stress. This is while many real disorders that stress causes are erroneously looked over. The optimal window of the stress response system is balanced on a razor's edge. Too much of it and all chaos breaks loose. Too little of it and life becomes too drab and unproductive.

There are too many moving parts in the stress response system. However, when there is an understanding of how they work together, optimizing the stress response becomes easy and elegant.

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