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Metabolic Diseases

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No Drugs. No Surgeries. No Side Effects.

Insulin resistance leads to metabolic diseases. Excess body fat leads to insulin resistance. There are multiple reasons why people accumulate excess body fat. Finding and fixing them helps people shed their excess body fat. Which reverses their metabolic diseases. It is really simple. No need to medicate people to death.

Insulin resistance, either directly or indirectly, leads to diabetes, obesity, PCOD, high cholesterol, many cases of cardiovascular diseases, infertility and cancer.

Metabolic diseases*

Common causes

Common effects

*These diseases may have non-metabolic origins too. But they are rare.

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Find out it it is possible to reverse your metabolic disease

Find out it it is possible to reverse your metabolic disease

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Common Conditions: Diabetes (type-2)ObesityPCOD
Common causes: Hypothyroid
Frequent effects: High CholesterolHypertension • Blocks in Arteries

Metabolic diseases are caused by insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is caused by excess body fat.

7 must-have Metabolic Markers

Get these 7 biomarkers in order and become metabolically bullet proof.

Reversing insulin resistance

Losing excess body fat reverses insulin resistance.

Excess body fat is a relative term

Thin people can have metabolic diseases. Some fat people may not.

4 of 5 adults are affected by metabolic diseases

80% of the adults in most countries are insulin resistant.

Metabolic diseases are deadly

More people die of metabolic diseases than from any other cause.

Metabolic diseases are expensive

World spends more than $2t  (₹1.5cr.cr) every year on combating metabolic diseases.

Symptoms and diagnosis of metabolic diseases

Easy and inexpensive.

Hypothyroid and insulin resistance

Low levels of thyroid hormones can start and perpetuate insulin resistance.

Autoimmune and insulin resistance

Autoimmune can start and perpetuate insulin resistance.

Menopause, andropause and insulin resistance

Low levels of estrogen and testosterone can promote insulin resistance.

Cancer and insulin resistance

Insulin resistance increases the probability of cancer.